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石川遊雪 アーティスト ishikawa yustsu artist artista

Yusetsu Ishikawa

I think that Ikebana is an aggregate of life that exists as an individual, even if that has been placed artificially. I think that is similar to us who live in the city.

ishikawa yusetsu art ikebana

It depends on you, 2018

ishikawa yusetsu art ikebana

Architecture for the 200-fold cultivar due to breed improvement, 2018

ishikawa yusetsu art ikebana

Buds of KINTSUGI, 2017

ishikawa yusetsu art ikebana

Drifting flower, 2015

ishikawa yusetsu art ikebana

Breathing, 2014

Awards and Grants

2018 C-DEPOT Award, KENZAN2018

        Gold Prize, Design Art of Asian Regionality and Climate in Phnom Penh

2017 Finalist, EWAAC

        Special Recognition Award, MMM 2017

        Grand Prix, IAG AWARDS 2017

        IID gallery award, KENZAN 2017

2014 Selected, Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014


2019 Contemporary Ikebana/Tokyo

        IAG Awards selected/Tokyo

        “four eyes”/Tokyo

2018 Design Art of Asian Regionality and Climate in Phnom Penh 2018

        Solo Exhibition/Hotel Metoropolitan,Tokyo

        IAG Awards selected/Tokyo

2017 EWAAC Christmas Gifts/Chelsea

        EWAAC/La galleria London

        The sogetsu exhibition 2017/Tokyo

        MMM/ Ibaraki/Ibaraki

        IAG AWARDS 2017/Tokyo

2016 The sogetsu exhibition 2016/Tokyo

        Japan Flower Design Award  2016/Kyoto

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