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What we are presenting here are 10 pieces made by Mexican and Japanese artists.


 JaM:Sesión1.Lenguajes Alternos, its a stage that breaks the mask of the cultural symbols as we know them. This is not a clash between east and west, this is the encounter of human beings in their human condition.


Each piece shown here, has an inner dialogue. To the audience we are not proposing rationalized arguments, nor a taste of hegemony. This exhibition space is a series of dialogues that converge in the endless noise.  We are speaking from the otherness, from the voices that crash in the ground and come back, like the waves in the sea, from many of the possibilities of the human condition. This is a series of experiments, of the multiplicities that intercept each other and talk in languages that don’t actually understand each other but share the same space and beingness. We are the rapture, we are not looking to expose new ways, we are looking to experimentation and the individual right to “Be."

So, any way you want to read this exhibition is right.

​Curator : Mariano de Loera

■Venue :  Rüido Proyectos Galería de Proyectos Contemporáneos
■Address :  Ezequiel A. Chávez Nte. 302-A, Barrio de la Purísima, 20259 Aguascalientes, Ags., Mexico
■Period :  Sep. 21, 2019 ~ Sept. 29, 2019
■Opening hours :  11
:00 ~ 14:00/16:00 ~ 19:00 (Closed between 14:00 ~ 16:00
■Entrance Fee :  Free


Ana Caballero, Antonio Palacios, Christbal Méndez, Renee Arss ARSS, Yeshua Zamora

Yusetsu Ishikawa, Yumikio Sameshima, Shiori Nehashi, Yubu Furutani, Shiori Watanabe


Mariano de Loera

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