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鮫島弓起雄 アーティスト sameshima yumikio artist artista

Yumikio Sameshima

After traveling abroad for a while, I became aware of Japanese culture and regional characteristics that cannot be separated from my own identity.
Some of my works are related to Japanese culture and regional characteristics, such as seismic waveforms, an idea in Shintoism and a traditional painting technique that was often used in old Japanese paintings called “Yamato-e”.

I also create installation art which is deeply related and not able to be separated from the exhibition space both physically and conceptually by using the features the elements of the site.

sameshima yumikio art installation

Monochrome -Barber Yuri-, 2017

sameshima yumikio art sculpture

Kosudo town where old tools become deities, 2018

sameshima yumikio art sculpture

Yaoyorozu series -Mr. Nagai’s power loom, shuttle box-, 2018

sameshima yumikio art installation

A scene at Zenpukuji Park, 2015

sameshima yumikio art sculpture

M7.3, 2009

Awards and Grants

2019 Selected, Brillia Art Awards 2019

2017 C-DEPOT Award, IAG Awards 2017

2016 Shihoko Iida Award (Special Jury Award), Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art



Artisti “Q” Museum by C-DEPOT/Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo

Brillia ART AWARD 2019/Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu building, Tokyo

J-POP ART/Takamatsu Mitsukoshi, Exhibition Hall, Kagawa


"MONOCHROME"/Gallery Art Composition, Tokyo

C-DEPOT selection/Corridor Gallery 34、Tokyo

Water and Land, Niigata Art festival/Kosudo, Niigata

IAG ARTISTS SELECTION/Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo


KENZAN2018/Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo


Kameyama Triennale/Kameyama, Mie

Art exhibition to feel time/ Isetan Shinjuku store Art Gallery, Tokyo

KENZAN 2017/Tamagawa Takashimaya Arena Hall, Tokyo

Hotel Art Fes/Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo

TAIWA Project 2017/Gallery Conceal Shibuya、Tokyo

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