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Yubu Furutani

I wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water, eat breakfast, worrying about the time, get dressed, and go to work.
Every day events that everyone takes for granted, maybe each one is special. But I don't have enough insight to realize that.
By putting myself in special environments that I make, or by getting into the daily lives of others, I create performances and installations that give small changes to the daily lives of the people involved.

furutani yubu art performance

Purposeful Life, 2019

furutani yubu art performance

Make me easy, Summer vacation, 2019

furutani yubu art performance

Twin Twins, 2019

furutani yubu art performance

Tune in to the neutral, 2018

furutani yubu art sculpture

The chairs of someone called winner, 2017



"Bridge"/Hoi An City, Vietnam

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition/Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo       


Solo exhibition "What was white, Colored, Again," /room 205, Maison Sakuragi, Tokyo

Atami Art Week 2018/Atami city, Shizuoka


Permanent, Landscape as a memory part 5 sculptures 2017/World Art Delft, Netherlands

Solo exhibition "Open EXIT or Closed Door"/Kokonoka, Tokyo


2021 Opened an art school "yoca"

2019 B.A. Department of Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts

2018 Became a launch member of Art Collective "Residence Projekt"

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