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根橋志織里 アーティスト shiori nehashi artist  artista

Shiori Nehashi

Recently in every human societies there are so many informations and explanations to everything. Why do humans need explanations? Why do humans need to know everything? I believe art is something we make because we cannot explain with words. At least that is what I feel for my art. I did not want the people who see my art to know my information before looking at it. Just want the audience to see it with no preconceptions, feel what they feel, think what they think, whatever make you think or not. Then maybe let’s have a conversations afterwards face to face and actually talk about it, or not. Just want you to feel free, have fun. 

nehashi shiori art abstract

Anxiety (不安); what I live with and a drug for my creations, 2018

nehashi shiori art acrylic

Ood ウード, 2017

nehashi shiori art abstract

Further in the Silence 静けさのさらに先きあるもの, 2017

nehashi shiori art acrylic

NO-FACE 無面 ノーメン (nohmen), 2015

nehashi shiori art acrylic

FUTURE 不生地存 (フューチャー), 2015


2019 “雲雀東風(ひばりごち) Hibari-gochi”/ JIRO MIURA GALLERY, Tokyo

        Solo Exhibition/cafe DODO, Aichi

        ART NAGOYA 2019/Aichi

2018 KENZAN2018/Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo

2017 “intersection 3”/gallery #1010, Aichi

        KENZAN 2017/Tamagawa Takashimaya Arena Hall, Tokyo

        cafe DODOD 6th anniversary party/cafe DODO, Aichi

        Solo Exhibition/cafe DODO, Aichi

        Tsurugaoka Art Collection/Osaka

2016 “GURLZ BOWIZ”/Aichi, Osaka, Tokyo

2015 “SMASH HEAD”/Aichi

        Annex 24 Art Gallery/Lancaster, PA, USA

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