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Norma Pezadilla

Born in Aguascalientes, México. Majored in Visual Arts from Universidad de las Artes from Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes, specializing in etching and printed arts. 

"Norma Pezadilla's work takes place in experiential territories where she daily dwell; one could ask why experiential; the answer is simple, in the deserts that contemporaneity currently poses, she searches in her daily environment, in her loves, in her experiences and in constantly seeing herself in front of the mirror, but not to look at the bifrontism of the mirrors where reality is diluted, but to confront herself even when this implies touching her wounds again. 
For Norma there is no story of herself that should not be told through images and expose them and expose herself to the looks, to criticism, it is herself in this work that can be read from left to right or right to left where the work will always have that univocal reading loaded with signs, of primitive matter, of what it is to be a woman".  -  Jesús Reyna

Norma Pezadilla art digitalillustration

Miles of Understanding, 2021

Norma Pezadilla art digitalillustration

Ellas somos, ellas soy (We are them, them I am), 2014

Norma Pezadilla art etching

Who knew (From the artwork portfolio series “Del otro lado del espejo” (From the other side of the mirror), 2014

Norma Pezadilla art enameldrawing

Duna (Dune), 2013

Norma Pezadilla art mixedmedia

Fragmentos y Destellos (Fragments and sparkles ,triptych), 2012

Exhibitions and participations

Presentation and reading of the article written by Palmira Páramo of Almáciga Gestoría (Mx) "Art in Mexico and Death". Discussion on the culture of death in Mexico./The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan
"Monkey Mind Paths"/TAL Zone, Tokyo, Japan
Permanent collection "Fantasma de mí"/Cultural Gallery of UTNA, Aguascalientes, Mexico


Coordination of  the exhibition JaM:Artist in Homestay, Session 1/Ruido Gallery, Aguascalientes, Mexico


"Creative Juices II"/Gamuso bar gallery, Tokyo Japan


"Art ∞ Wharf"/Earth+Gallery, Tokyo Japan
"Golden Peak"/Gamuso bar gallery, Tokyo Japan

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