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Melissa Trejo

Born in Guatemala, majored in Architecture.


Arrived in Japan thanks to bamboo and an idea of how to use it after a catastrophe. But this experience has grown to be a journey of personal recognition, where I have tried to get away from "what people will say" and the fear of living my own reality.

Through photography I search for feelings, those that I do not know, that I do not possess, and that I cannot express with words. I pursue the golden hour and architectural backgrounds that usually go unnoticed. I love geometry and the contrast between chaos and order.

Melissa Trejo art photography

Foggy fishermen, 2018

Melissa Trejo art photography

couples portrait, 2019

Melissa Trejo art photography

Sara, 2020

Melissa Trejo art photography

Ohayou, 2020

Melissa Trejo art photography

couples walk, 2021



Production staff for the filming of the music video “Shibuya” by Bryan Castro

Master in Architecture, focused on emergency shelter and history, Chiba University, Japan



First sculpture exhibition/Guatemala National Academy of Art, Guatemala

B.A. Department of Architecture, Rafael Landívar University

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