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I mainly work on communication with people around me.

Recently, I'm addicted to a Scottish band called Teenage Fanclub.  I often play music from my smartphone or computer in my apartment room, but I'm not sure how loud it should be.  If I keep listening with earphones, the holes in my ears will hurt, so I'd like to listen with speakers as much as possible, but if the sound is too loud, I'll be weird, and if it's too quiet, it's not very comfortable.  From the next room, I can hear the sound of flowing water and occasionally sneezing.  At that moment, I have a habit of turning down the volume.  (July 17, 2021)

kikusahappa art

2021.01.19, 2021

kikusahappa art

Nomsiz(Unbearable nostalgia), 2021

kikusahappa art

For when I talk with you someday, 2021

kikusahappa art

For when you guys talk someday, 2020

kikusahappa art

Not mine, 2019

Awards and Grants


New Cosmos of Photography 2021, Honorary mention award (selected by Daisuke Yokota)



Residence Projekt (Planning and exhibition)/Hoi-An, Vietnam


Became a launch member of Art Collective "Residence Projekt"

Atami Art Week 2018 (Organizer)/Shizuoka

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