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ana caballero artist artista アーティスト

Ana Isabel de la Rosa Caballero

Her work engages around the idea of changing the concept or painting, when she talks about painting she is not precisely talking about using paint for it, but with diverse materials, transforming the piece on a mixed media production where photography and different textures to paint. The topic goes around the perception, space, parallel dimensions and mainly spirituality. Using her personal experiences as incentive, each series of paintings talks about a specific phase she went through to elevate her spiritual state, where love works as an engine for the personal trip in the universe, among the stars, stardust, dimensions, black holes and galaxies.

ana caballero art arte アート

Meditación, 2018

ana caballero art arte アート

Obscuro destello, 2018

ana caballero art arte アート

Espacio – Tiempo, 2014

ana caballero art arte アート

Soleo, 2013

ana caballero art arte アート

GlossBlackHole, 2012


2018 Solo Exhibition"Trasmutaciones Siderales"/Galería Pons, Centro Cultural los Arquitos, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2014 Exposición colectiva/Galería ARTIUM, Aguascalientes, Mexico

        Solo Exhibition"Intergalactic Return"/Galería de la Universidad de las Artes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2013 "De cierto Desierto De cierto"/Galería FORVM, Michoacán, Mexico

        "Perros Esquimales" /Galería Espacio de Arte Lúdic, Guanajuato, Mexico

2008 "exposición por confirmar"Galería del Centro de Artes Visuales, Aguascalientes, Mexico

2007 "Artistas emergentes"Galería Benjamín Manzo Casa de la Cultura, Aguascalientes, Mexico

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